Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Writing Update: The Year to Come

Hello, friends! I thought I'd take the opportunity of the new year's approach to give an update about what I will be working on for 2014.

With The Sullivan Saga now completed, I am looking forward to beginning a new project: Jilly of Earth. This is a light-hearted, fast-paced science fiction series following the adventures of Jillian Jarvis, Earth's representative in the Galactic Command Committee. The first story, "One Big Rock," is due out very soon and will introduce you to all the main characters as well as provide the background to this new universe. That's the cover over there to the right. It was a lot of fun to write, and my hope is that it will be just as much fun to read!

I also have plans to write at least one sequel to Darkridge Hall this year. The story will follow Andy as he discovers the origins of many of the Ancient Egyptian myths, including the truth behind Duat, or the underworld. The tentative title is Darkridge Hall 2: The Gate of Apophis.

Another thing I'm excited about is the launch of Spaceship Urff in January. If you don't know what that's all about, check it out here!

Beyond that, the year is wide open. I have several novel ideas I can work on, and I hope to complete three full novels in 2014. One possibility is a literary science fiction novel along the same lines as Chrysopteron (but not related in any way). I also have some non-speculative stories that have been simmering on the back burner for a couple of years as well as a werewolf story that needs completing. I'll have to see how things are going with the other projects before I decide whether or not I'll be able to get to them.

Thank you to all my friends and readers for making 2013 great! I wish you all the best for the new year!

Michael K. Rose

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Hello, all! Yesterday was the official release day for Sullivan's Watch, the third and final book in The Sullivan Saga! To get your Kindle or Nook copy, just click on the appropriate link below.

Best Wishes!
Michael K. Rose

Sunday, December 15, 2013

SULLIVAN'S WATCH - Arriving Christmas Day!

Hello, all!

I am very excited to announce that the final book of The Sullivan Saga, Sullivan's Watch, will be release as an eBook December 25th, Christmas Day! This book will bring to a close the story that began in Sullivan's War and was continued in Sullivan's Wrath. Look for more information over the next ten days, but to whet your appetite, here's your first look at the cover, designed by Alexia Purdy:

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

SULLIVAN'S WAR Just 99¢ All Month Long!

I have decided to continue part of my Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale through the rest of December. With Sullivan's Watch, the final chapter of The Sullivan Saga, coming out on December 25th, I want to give everyone an opportunity to get the first book at a discount.

eBook copies of Sullivan's War are just 99¢ at Amazon and Barnes & Noble:

Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble

Also remember that signed first editions of both Sullivan's War and my collection Short Stories are being offered at clearance prices. If you're interested, you can order from my web store here.

All the Best,
Michael K. Rose

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sale: SULLIVAN'S WAR & SULLIVAN'S WRATH Just 99¢ Each!

The final book of The Sullivan Saga comes out on December 25th, and this is your chance to get caught up with the story for less than two bucks!

eBook copies of the first two books, Sullivan's War and Sullivan's Wrath, are just 99¢ apiece at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. This sale will only last through Cyber Monday (December 2)!

Sullivan's War

Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble

Sullivan's Wrath

Monday, November 25, 2013

is Free for 5 Days!

I have a little holiday treat for my writer friends. My eBook Building a Promotional Package: How to Prepare for Your Successful Book Launch is free for five days from November 25-29! I know a lot of authors release books around Christmas; this eBook will help you organize all your promotional information to make the launch as stress-free as possible. 

Get it free for your Kindle!

Best Wishes!
Michael K. Rose

Friday, November 15, 2013

Clearance Sale: First Editions of SULLIVAN'S WAR & SHORT STORIES

Hello, all!

Are you looking for gift ideas for the science fiction lovers in your life?

I'm in the process of preparing second editions of my first two books, Sullivan's War and Short Stories. To clear out my remaining stock of first editions, I am offering huge discounts on both:

Signed First Editions of Sullivan's War: $10.49 ea., US S&H included
(Original Cover Price: $12.99)

Signed First Editions of Short Stories: $8.49 ea., US S&H included
(Original Cover Price: $9.99)

Special: Get Both for Just $14.99, US S&H included

These prices are very near cost. Supplies are extremely limited, so order soon! 

Visit my web store to order. Payment is via PayPal.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Try Not to Miss Me Too Much

Consider this a "So long for now!" I need to take a break from the internet for a while. For the next few weeks, I'll be effectively absent from Facebook and Twitter. I'm going to use the time to finish Sullivan's Watch, which I plan for a December release.

I will check in from time to time, but don't expect to see me posting much, if at all. I'll still be available via email or Facebook message if there's something really important you need to contact me about.

Don't get into too much trouble without me!

All the Best,
Michael K. Rose

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Release: SILENCE AND FIRE by Benjamin X. Wretlind

Benjamin X. Wretlind, my friend and one of my favorite writers, has a new novella out today: Silence and Fire. Even better, he's offering it FREE on Amazon from November 5 to November 9. That’s FIVE DAYS!

Check out this character-based run from danger in a world that’s crumbling all around the Haines family:

Silence and Fire

A weekend camping trip along the Mogollon Rim in central Arizona turns terrifying when eight-year-old Mark Allen Haines wanders off into the forest alone. What was to be a time of relaxation and an attempt to bring together a fragmenting family, turns into a panicked search. Little does anyone know the forest harbors secrets, the secrets want to speak, and Mark is about to see the world in a completely different way.

Friday, November 1, 2013

101 Thoughts on Self-Publishing -- 014: The Writer as Demiurge

I think a lot of writers have at least a suspicion that what they produce doesn't come from them, that it comes
from somewhere--something--else. Maybe it's just superstition, maybe it's a conceit that we engage in, but I've heard or read enough writers express this idea that I felt it was worth exploring.

We are all familiar with the idea of the muses: goddesses in Greek mythology who inspire humans to create great art. I find it interesting, however, that there were muses not only for the arts but for the sciences. Greek scientists may have believed that their discoveries were divinely inspired, discoveries that laid the groundwork for the advancement of science which, ultimately, would come to reject such superstition.

A lot of writers get asked, "Where do you get your ideas?" My stock answer is "Everywhere." Every experience I have, every person I meet, every book I read gets thrown into the stew of creative juices inside my head. Every once in a while I scoop out a ladel-ful, add some seasonings and turn it into a story.

So are the muses simply experience filtered through the mind? Do ideas seem to come from nowhere, from some divine source, because we cannot fully comprehend how memory works and so the end product seems somewhat more mystical in origin that we realize?

A Possible Depiction of the Gnostic
Demiurge (Source)
Or is there really some greater force at work? Are we essentially the literary equivalent of the Gnostic Demiurge, toiling away in ignorance and believing that the worlds we create truly are of our own making? Is there a true source for "ideas" upon which we all draw? Is there something that sets off the creative spark, just as some people believe a divine spark was required to turn simple organic compounds into life?

If you believe in a soul or in a creator, this idea is not so far-fetched. In fact, there may be evidence of such a thing occurring on a massive scale. Around 50,000 years ago, human beings were more or less physically identical to us. Technologically, however, they were indistinguishable from earlier hominids. But something remarkable seems to have happened. There was a rather rapid development of technology. Existing tools and weapons were improved upon. But something else appears in the archaeological record, something that had never before been seen on this scale: the development of art. Cave paintings, ornaments, sculptures. And before this, humans had lived in isolated groups. Now evidence of trade networks appears. Humans also begin to spread out into previously uninhabited areas. This is the emergence of what anthropologists call "behaviorally modern humans." In essence, it is the first time humans, Homo sapiens, began acting like humans rather than earlier hominids.

There is some evidence for human culture prior to this, but what explains the cognitive explosion that occurred? Why did humans--seemingly suddenly--develop this awareness? Was it simply the result of gradual cultural and biological change coming to a head? Has the archaeological evidence showing the slow development of culture simply not yet been found? Or was art--consciousness--given to us by some force beyond our comprehension?

In Christian Gnostic belief, the Demiurge, the creator god, was ignorant of the true god. He believed he was solely responsible for the creation of the Earth. Because of this ignorance, his creation was flawed. Because of it, evil was allowed to exist. Traditional Christians, the Gnostics believed, worshiped this false god. The Gnostics, however, had the knowledge, the gnosis, of the true god.

So is the writer a demiurge? Could we somehow tap into pure inspiration if we only knew the truth about where our ideas come from? Does our ego get in the way?

I can only answer the last question with any certainty: yes. Ego is the writer's greatest enemy. When we write to satisfy ego, when we serve it rather than the story, our craft suffers. Like the Demiurge, we let our ego flaw our creations. We worry about what others will think, we worry about marketability. We try to emulate the styles of popular writers, we follow literary formulas. None of these things are necessarily bad or wrong, but we must be aware of the fact that they get in between the inspiration and the story.

Wherever that inspiration comes from--whether from us or from some unknown source--be true to it. Write not only from the mind but from the heart. Honor the act of creation and recognize it for the miraculous event that it truly is.

Michael K. Rose


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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Huge 99¢ Sale! 28 Books from a Dozen Authors!

Update: This sale has now come to an end. Thank you to all of you who bought our books!

Hello, all! The eBooks listed below are just 99¢ from October 21-25. A few are always 99¢, but the majority are being offered at this special price for a limited time. They represent some of the best work from a dozen diverse authors. Click on each ad to be taken to the US Kindle store for that book. There are many different genres to choose from, so be sure to scroll all the way down to see them all. Enjoy!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Beginning Monday (Oct. 21): Huge 99¢ Sale!

Update: The sale is now in effect! See the titles here.

Hello, all! From October 21st through the 25th (Monday-Friday), eleven other authors and I will have a combined total of 28 eBooks on sale for just 99¢! This is a great opportunity to fill up your Kindle for the long, cold months ahead. There will be books for all tastes, so be sure to visit this blog on Monday to see the full list!

Participating Authors:

Tara S. Wood
Alexia Purdy
Penelope Childs
Michael K. Rose
C.L. Withers
Scott Colbert
David Bain
Benjamin X. Wretlind
Micheal Rivers
Craig McGray
J.D. Currie
Wodke Hawkinson

Monday, September 23, 2013

New Release! A DIFFICULT MIRROR by Benjamin X. Wretlind

Four-year-old Justine has been lost to the world and with her an ability feared by many. But the balance of power has been shifting for years, and Justine may be able to tip those scales for good...if someone can find her in a pitiless place of sorrow and pain.

When Marie Evans meets a strange man on a deserted road and a body is found mutilated in the desert, a deep resentment teetering on the edge of release is about to explode. Someone, somewhere has drawn a line in the sand, and when Harlan Reese, Marie's ex-lover, enters a forest in central Arizona looking for his daughter, that line will be crossed.

In a world between Heaven and Hell, the past becomes the present as Harlan and Marie find each other once again. Their journey across an unforgiving land to find a way home with Justine by their side will be wrought with both pain and triumph.

Life is, after all, A Difficult Mirror.

"Combining horror, fantasy and mystery with elements of the traditional hero's journey, A Difficult Mirror is a doorway into a world where demons and painful memories from the past hold sway. With a unique and detailed plot, rich characterization and a very real sense of danger, it is sure to appeal to readers of all genres." - Amazon Review

Available at:

About the Author

Benjamin X. Wretlind ran with scissors when he was five. Consequently, he likes llamas, although it's widely known that llamas don't care one way or another. He is the author of Castles: A Fictional Memoir of a Girl with Scissors, Sketches from the Spanish Mustang and Regarding Dead Things on the Side of the Road: Collected Stories.

He lives in Colorado with his wife and kids...but no llamas (yet).

You can connect with him at his website, Facebook or Twitter.

Friday, September 20, 2013

The 101 Thoughts on Self-Publishing Contest!

Hello, all! Yesterday, I wrote about swag and how everybody loves it. In the spirit of that article, I'm running a giveaway, and the prizes will include swag packs featuring my books Sullivan's War and Short Stories. To be entered, leave a comment below with the following information:

1. Your name (first name only is fine)
2. A way I can contact you (either an email address or a link to a Twitter or Facebook profile)
3. A topic you'd like you see me write about in my 101 Thoughts on Self-Publishing series

If you do not provide all three pieces of information, your entry cannot be considered. To see the topics I've covered in the series so far, click here. That will give you an idea of what I'm looking for.

Here's what the winners will get:

1. A Sullivan's War or Short Stories Swag Pack (winner's choice). The swag packs include a signed 4" x 6" card featuring the book cover as well as three bookmarks.

3. An eBook copy of any one of my full-length books (select from Sullivan's War, Sullivan's Wrath, Chrysopteron, Darkridge Hall or Short Stories). If you've read them all, you can instead choose to receive a copy of Sullivan's Watch when it sees release in a couple of months.

I will select three winners based on the topics I find most interesting and that I feel qualified to write about. The contest will be open through October 11th, and I'll select and announce the winners on the 12th or 13th.

EBooks will be sent as either mobi (for Kindle) or epub (for Nook and most other eReaders) files.

I look forward to your entries!

Michael K. Rose

Thursday, September 19, 2013

101 Thoughts on Self-Publishing -- 013: Everybody Loves Swag!

In this digital world in which we're living, much of the promotion a writer does requires nothing more than a computer and an internet connection. It is the best way to reach a worldwide audience, especially since with eBooks, anyone who is online can instantly buy and start reading your work.

But as I mentioned in my post about putting your book in print, having something physical to send out, something people will keep in their homes to be reminded of you, something they can show others, should not be underestimated. Books, however, are expensive to just be giving them out left and right. Plus, it defeats the point of trying to get people to actually buy your books. Assuming that is what you want to happen, read on!

So what is swag? It is literally anything with your name or book title on it that you can order at a low enough per item price to give out for free. Bookmarks, postcards, pens, key chains, thumb drives, coffee mugs, t-shirts, posters... do an online search for custom printing, and you'll find websites with hundreds of products that can be emblazoned with your face, book cover, whatever you want.

And everybody loves swag. It's free! It's cool! It's made in China!

So as writers, what sorts of products do we want to give out to our fans? For me, the #1 swag item for writers is bookmarks. It just makes sense, after all. Plus, they're cheap, they're light enough to mail in an envelope with standard postage, you can carry a stack around with you without too much trouble, you can sign them, you can leave them in library books, you can have a stack of them on the table when you do signings... bookmarks are an incredibly versatile promotional tool.

You also have all sorts of design options. A bookmark could promote a single book, a series or you as a writer in general.

My #2  swag item for writers is a postcard. I personally don't mail them as postcards, although you can if you design it that way. I like postcards that feature the covers of books. For a standard 4" by 6" postcard, the dimensions are going to be close enough to your book cover that you shouldn't have too much trouble converting your cover image. The back of the postcard can have the description of the book, quotes from readers or other authors, where to buy it, etc. They have the added bonus of being mailable and are a neat way to send your autograph out to fans.

Here's a helpful tip: If you're in the US, I've discovered that you can send out one 4" x 6" postcard and three 2" x 8" bookmarks for the price of a single stamp. You might be able to cram an extra bookmark in there, but the weight of your envelope, stamps, and other factors could put it over the 1 ounce weight limit, so have it weighed at the post office if you're in doubt. I and several of my author friends have used GotPrint, and we have all been pleased with the price and quality.

Another tip: you can sign items like bookmarks and postcards, but if they have the gloss coating with UV protection (which I do recommend, because it makes them look nice and flashy!) I'd suggest using a metallic Sharpie. The ink in the non-metallic Sharpies is not as thick and will looks streaky. It's also more likely to rub off over time.

No matter what kind of swag you decide on, there are a few things you should have on it. First, your name. Second, your book or series name, if applicable. Finally, your web address. As I mention in my article on building a website, it helps to have an easy-to-read/easy-to-remember web address, like www.MichaelKRose.com, for example. Quotes from readers are always good if you have the room and it will work with the design.

Any graphics on your swag can be adapted from your book cover. On my bookmark below, you can see I used a detail of the fighter jet from the cover of Sullivan's War.

I had my bookmarks printed in batches of 1,000, as it was the cheapest option. However, unless you have a big event to attend, or several events, you'll be sitting on stock for a long time. In retrospect, I should have ordered fewer bookmarks of one kind and instead opted for more variety. For future bookmark orders, I'll do this. If you do run out, you can usually reorder from the same company without too much trouble.

As a reader, what kind of swag do you like? Let me know in the comments below!

Michael K. Rose


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Thursday, September 12, 2013

101 Thoughts on Self-Publishing -- 012: Stagger eBook and Print Releases

Last time, I talked about the importance of putting your book out in print as well as digitally. However, deciding on book dimensions, getting the cover and interior formatting right, going through your proof copy... all of this can take a great deal of time. And it is definitely worth spending the time to get it right. It's frustrating to find an error in a print edition after you've ordered thirty copies.

I would therefore recommend that if your eBook is ready but your print edition is not, go ahead and put out the eBook. As a self-published writer, it's likely that most of your income will come from eBook sales, and there is no reason to delay release if it's ready to go. I haven't done the research to know for sure that staggering the releases is better than having them both ready on the same date, but I don't think it's worth rushing the print edition and risking mistakes.

In fact, staggering the releases of the eBook and print editions could be to your benefit. Marketing works best when you have new content to share with your audience. Talking about the same book release over and over will yield diminishing results over time. By staggering, you essentially get to have two release events, two "new" bits of information to share with readers, potentially doubling exposure for the book. You're still repeating the same basic message--"Buy this book!"--but the new information about the print release makes it seem fresh. You should, of course, also link to the eBook during the print release event, and hopefully by the time the print edition is out, you'll have built up a few reviews to help entice readers.

Until Next Time!
Michael K. Rose


If you're enjoying the series so far and would like a single page to bookmark, I'll be adding each of my 101 Thoughts on Self-Publishing here. Also be sure to subscribe by email (see the box in the sidebar) to be automatically notified about my new posts.

You might also be interested in my eBook, Building a Promotional Package: How to Prepare for Your Successful Book Launch. Details about it can be found here.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Win a Signed Copy of A DIFFICULT MIRROR

My friend Benjamin X. Wretlind's new novel, A Difficult Mirror, comes out on September 23rd, but you can enter now to win a signed copy via Goodreads! I had the opportunity to read an advance copy of the book, and this is definitely one you won't want to miss. Check out my review here, and click below to enter the giveaway.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

A Difficult Mirror by Benjamin X. Wretlind

A Difficult Mirror

by Benjamin X. Wretlind

Giveaway ends September 23, 2013.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Thursday, August 8, 2013

DARKRIDGE HALL is Now Available!

My new young adult paranormal novel Darkridge Hall is now available as an eBook from Amazon or Barnes & Noble! Just click on the appropriate link below to get your copy.

You can also read an excerpt from the novel here and read about the inspiration behind it here.

Michael K. Rose


An evil lurks in the depths of Darkridge Hall, and Andy, a new student at Kransten Academy, is about to meet it face to face.

When threatening, shadowy figures appear outside his dorm room window, Andy decides to solve the mystery of just who or what they are. But those same shadows may be responsible for the strange deaths that have been occurring in the town of Bethlehem, Maine over the past several decades.

As Andy, his teacher Mark Harris and police chief Charles Buck struggle to put the pieces together, they soon realize that the answer may come too late for them to stop the malevolent power behind it all.