The Vast Expanse Beyond

Explore the universe with the author of The Sullivan Saga!

Plant the seeds of rebellion on a distant planet, and get away with the perfect murder in interstellar space. Show an unusual visitor around New York City, and then find out what might have happened the day Sigmund Freud met Gustav Mahler.

In this collection, Michael K. Rose presents ten diverse tales ranging from conventional science fiction to psychological horror to whimsical magic realism. Whatever your tastes, you are bound to discover many favorites among them.

Note: This book was previously published under the title Short Stories. The contents remain essentially unchanged.

Contents: "Sergeant Riley's Account," "Sleep," "Inner Life," "Mahler's Tenth," "If I Profane with My Unworthiest Hand," "A Random Selection," "Main & Church," "The Tunnel," "Pedro X.," "The Vast Expanse Beyond."

Price: $3.99 (eBook), $7.99 (print)
Available at: Amazon US - Amazon UK

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