Friday, January 30, 2015


Hello, all!

Book II of The Chronicles of Dushara is now available. Just like Book I, it's packed full of action and adventure as well as more clues about the history of Dushara.

War has come to Dushara.

Under the orders of a cruel new tyrant named Silva, the Indian city of Thanjavur has launched an attack against the Arabs. Hoping to find clues that might lead him home, Will Kelly and his companions decide to travel with the Arab army as it sets out to meet the enemy, despite being outnumbered and unprepared.

As members of a resistance movement plot in Thanjavur and a displaced band of Old West outlaws fight their way through hostile territory, the tide of the war begins to turn. With battle after battle, Will and his friends draw ever closer to Thanjavur but also to one inescapable truth: victory may come at a terrible price.

Riders of the Red Land is the second book of The Chronicles of Dushara, a fast-paced adventure series written in the spirit of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard. The story will continue this summer in The Sea Dragons.

Begin reading Riders of The Red Land on your Kindle:

And, if you've yet to read the first book, The City Beyond the Sands, you can find it here:

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Projects

Every new year I try to plan my upcoming projects. I'm not always successful at enacting those plans, but if you'd like a possible glimpse of things to come, look no further!

At the end of January, Riders of the Red Land, the second book in The Chronicles of Dushara, is set to be released.

April will see the release of the third Chronicles of Dushara novel. This book will bring an end to the main storyline of the series. Any further books set in Dushara will most likely be stand-alone stories and may even follow new characters. I'll know more about where to take the series once the third book is finished.

In July, I hope to release a fourth book in The Sullivan Saga. Those of you who've read the series so far know that at the end of book three, Rick Sullivan was beginning a new phase of his life. This book will jump ahead about a year and rejoin Rick and Kate as they pick up the pieces following the events of the first three books.

I would like to release one more novel in 2015, around October or November. I have several ideas as to what this may be, but I have not made any firm decisions. I also have several short stories either outlined or begun that I hope to finish this year. Some I would like to release as eBooks, others I will be submitting to the various speculative fiction magazines.

On the blog front, I would like to revitalize Spaceship Urff. It languished after a single issue last year--entirely my own fault, of course--and instead of using an issue format, I think I will continue it on an article-by-article basis. I have another blog set to go called To Unknown Lands. Its focus will be adventure fiction as opposed to speculative fiction.

Finally, my 101 Thoughts on Self-Publishing series will be retitled 101 Thoughts on Indie Publishing and moved to its own blog. Stay tuned for more information on that!

Here's wishing you all the best in the new year!
Michael K. Rose