Friday, September 20, 2013

The 101 Thoughts on Self-Publishing Contest!

Hello, all! Yesterday, I wrote about swag and how everybody loves it. In the spirit of that article, I'm running a giveaway, and the prizes will include swag packs featuring my books Sullivan's War and Short Stories. To be entered, leave a comment below with the following information:

1. Your name (first name only is fine)
2. A way I can contact you (either an email address or a link to a Twitter or Facebook profile)
3. A topic you'd like you see me write about in my 101 Thoughts on Self-Publishing series

If you do not provide all three pieces of information, your entry cannot be considered. To see the topics I've covered in the series so far, click here. That will give you an idea of what I'm looking for.

Here's what the winners will get:

1. A Sullivan's War or Short Stories Swag Pack (winner's choice). The swag packs include a signed 4" x 6" card featuring the book cover as well as three bookmarks.

3. An eBook copy of any one of my full-length books (select from Sullivan's War, Sullivan's Wrath, Chrysopteron, Darkridge Hall or Short Stories). If you've read them all, you can instead choose to receive a copy of Sullivan's Watch when it sees release in a couple of months.

I will select three winners based on the topics I find most interesting and that I feel qualified to write about. The contest will be open through October 11th, and I'll select and announce the winners on the 12th or 13th.

EBooks will be sent as either mobi (for Kindle) or epub (for Nook and most other eReaders) files.

I look forward to your entries!

Michael K. Rose


  1. 1. Lisa
    3. Self-proclaimed "editors" (i.e. people with no formal training and only a basic grasp of grammar, structure, etc., who solicit themselves as professional editors) and the effect they're having on the self-publishing market.

    1. I agree Lisa. I researched editors and proof readers before I self published my novel. I came across quite a few self professed editors. Thankfully, I could tell by reading their blogs and the first few pages of their own novels, that they weren't professionals. Great post, Michael K Rose.

  2. Script flaws - Film and book scripts a fraught with flaws that contradict earlier components or theme - EG: "Minority Report", the script says "the psychics can only see murder" then later there is a TV add with people saying how they were saved, one woman said should was going to be raped. Once Upon a Time - has heaps of them. EG: Hook's Driving Force is the loss of his hand yet the story shows limbs replaced by magic and more including a restoring pool Hook is standing beside Etc