Friday, October 18, 2013

Beginning Monday (Oct. 21): Huge 99¢ Sale!

Update: The sale is now in effect! See the titles here.

Hello, all! From October 21st through the 25th (Monday-Friday), eleven other authors and I will have a combined total of 28 eBooks on sale for just 99¢! This is a great opportunity to fill up your Kindle for the long, cold months ahead. There will be books for all tastes, so be sure to visit this blog on Monday to see the full list!

Participating Authors:

Tara S. Wood
Alexia Purdy
Penelope Childs
Michael K. Rose
C.L. Withers
Scott Colbert
David Bain
Benjamin X. Wretlind
Micheal Rivers
Craig McGray
J.D. Currie
Wodke Hawkinson

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