Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Release: Chrysopteron

Now that it has finally been published at B&N's Nook store, I can make the announcement that Chrysopteron is now officially released!

Captain John Hayden, haunted by memories of war and still grieving the death of his wife, is about to embark on the most important mission of his career: to discover the fate of the Chrysopteron, one of five generation ships which left the Earth centuries earlier. The descendants of the Chrysopteron’s original crew had successfully colonized their planet, but less than a hundred years later, all contact was lost. Hayden knows that a mysterious new religion which was formed aboard the ship may have played a role in determining the fate of the colonists, but there is no way to know what he and his crew will find when they finally arrive.

In a story that touches on issues of faith and self-determination, Chrysopteron explores the fundamental elements that define our species. Even though we may leave the Earth, we cannot leave behind that which makes us human.

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Praise for Chrysopteron

"Rose delivers not only a story with rapid-fire action but a story of hope, a story of discovery and a story of journeys. These journeys are not simply vehicles for the plot to move but plots in and of themselves. Chrysopteron is a "golden-winged" gem of a novel and one that cements worlds imagined into the conscious dream of worlds yet seen." - Benjamin X. Wretlind, author of Sketches from the Spanish Mustang

"This novel starts with a mystery: what happened to the colonists on the Chrysopteron, a generational space ship? In answering this question, Mr. Rose has distilled larger society into a microcosm. This is fiction at its best. Not only is Chrysopteron a serious study of humanity’s quest for divinity, but it’s also a compelling story that explores the birth of a new religion and its impact, sometimes catastrophic, on believers and nonbelievers alike." - K. Wodke, co-author of Betrayed and Tangerine

"A masterpiece." - Amazon Review

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