Wednesday, December 19, 2012

#12NovelsIn12Months Update: That Happens This Time of Year

Well, I'm about a month behind on my project to write 12 novels in 12 months. As the title says, that sort of thing happens this time of year. Revising and editing Chrysopteron took quite a bit more of my time than I anticipated, plus I was out of commission for about a week at the end of November due to a nasty cold.

But I'm not too worried. I have one more novel to revise and edit in the next few weeks (Sullivan's Wrath, the sequel to Sullivan's War) then I can devote my time solely to writing for a couple of months. I plan on doubling down in March, and will attempt to write two books during that month.

On the positive side of things, I am very pleased with how Chrysopteron has turned out. All my advance readers loved it and have used phrases like "A masterpiece" and a "...gem of a novel..." in their reviews of the book. I also got it released a few days ahead of schedule, so if you hurry, you can read it before the end of the world.

I've also come up with an idea for a horror/paranormal trilogy which has filled in the rest of my #12NovelsIn12Months calendar. So I now know exactly what I'll be working on over the next ten months. That's a reassuring feeling, knowing I'll never reach the point during this project at which I'm sitting in front of a blank screen, not knowing what to do.

One final note: I am running a Christmas sale! My novel Sullivan's War and my collection Short Stories are just 99 cents apiece until the end of the month (or your country's equivalent). Sullivan's Wrath is coming soon, so it's a good opportunity to pick of Sullivan's War and get caught up on the story. Click below to be taken directly to the product pages on Amazon:

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All the Best!
Michael K. Rose

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