Monday, January 23, 2012

A Morning in the Life of a Writer

...because writing out the full day would be too depressing!

7:00 - Alright, up early. I'm going to have a full morning of writing!
7:04 - Well, maybe just a few more minutes.
7:48 - Damn it!
8:30 - Showered, breakfast eaten, have my cup of tea at my elbow, time to get to business!
8:32 - Oh, look. Some emails. Some are Twitter updates. Better go "network" with those people.
8:36 - I wonder what Nathan Fillion is Tweeting about today.
8:40 - Alright, definitely need to get to writing!
8:41 - What's this? A story that I began a year and a half ago but then abandoned? I wonder if it's any good.
8:53 - I need to write an outline to develop this story into a novel!
9:12 - Ok, now that that's done, I can get to my work in progress. Just check Twitter once more before I do. And I suppose I should see how many books I sold overnight.
9:13 - Two sales! Alright! Now I'm pumped, time to get back to writing. Better re-read the last chapter or so, first.
9:19 - Ok, I'm up to speed. Let's see... Sullivan glanced to his right and... hey, did I clean my pipe after smoking it yesterday? Better do that. Well, as long as I'm at it I think I'll sweeten all my pipes. Better get some more tea, first.
10:01 - What's up on Twitter?
10:06 - Hmm... I really should do some laundry today.
10:12 - Can get some writing done while that load is in. Am I out of tea again?
10:17 - Sullivan glanced to his right and... wait, was the layout of this room with the door on the right or the left? Better go back to chapter seven where the first scene in the room takes place.
10: 34 - I'll bet that load of laundry is done.
10: 39 - Have I sold any more books today?
10:40 - Nope. What's up on Twitter? Hey, that looks like an interesting blog post.
10:46 - That totally gave me an idea for my own blog post!
11:28 - Blog post done. Now just to Tweet about it. Hmm... I'm getting kind of hungry. I wonder what's in the 'fridge.
12:00 - Alright, time to get back to this book! What a productive morning!


  1. Add on the sudden desire to dust ceiling fans and the unexplained distraction by the DailyMail (though I'm in the US) and that's today, perfectly.

    It might be time for coffee.

  2. This had me laughing my butt off. Add in trying to get through my blog roll, and that's totally my morning! Thanks for the funny--good stuff.

    1. :oD Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!