Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An Excerpt from Sullivan's War: Book I

Following is an excerpt from Sullivan's War: Book I - All Good Men Serve the Devil. This is the beginning of a trilogy that follows Rick Sullivan as he struggles to free his home planet from tyranny. If it piques your interest, more information, including quotes from 5-star reviews and links to the Amazon and Barnes & Noble stores, can be found here:

    The Cairo Bar wasn’t an establishment Zednik cared for but it was the go-to meeting place for Abilene’s criminal class.  The planet’s security forces stayed well clear and the bar’s owner, a man named North, had a brigade of bouncers who strictly enforced the neutrality of the bar.  All weapons were to be checked upon entering and any disagreements were to be taken outside.  It was said that the sidewalk in front of the Cairo was the bloodiest spot in all of Abilene.
     Zednik had changed into a dark grey suit with a blood red shirt and a red and a yellow tie.  A canary yellow silk handkerchief inhabited his breast pocket, arranged with practiced indifference.  Zednik stepped into the Cairo and made his way to the back room of the bar, past the bouncer, who held open the door.  He was let through unchallenged.  Everyone knew Zednik never carried a gun and even if he did, he was much too important a man to insult with a weapon scan.
     The back room was only for Abilene’s most powerful players.  Zednik crossed to the corner booth which was, by order of North, cleaned twice daily and reserved at all times for Zednik.  He brought so much business into the bar that North was happy to give Zednik this indulgence.
     The girl in the short skirt didn’t pass by Zednik’s table to offer him a drink.  Zednik never ate or drank outside of his own home.  After a moment he saw Younger enter the back room.  Zednik raised an arm and motioned him over.
     Younger sat.  He knew better than to try and shake Zednik’s hand.  “You have a job for me?”
     “Yes.”  Zednik took out a printout of a photo of Sullivan that he’d gotten off of the news wires.  “His name is Richard Sullivan.”
     “Right,” said Younger.  “He killed some assemblymen on Earth.”
     “That’s right.”
     “I heard about Wilson.  Was it him?”
     “And I heard something about a girl.  A particular blonde-haired girl.”
     “What you heard isn’t important, Younger.  But if, when you find Sullivan, he is accompanied by any young women, I would like you to bring them to me.”
     “I understand.  Of course, that will make this more complex than a simple lights out operation.  It’ll cost you.”
     “Whatever fee you think is fair, I will pay.”
     Younger looked at the photo.  “He’s military, isn’t he?”
     “Ex-military.  Edaline special forces, from what I was able to find out.  And there’s another complication.  The Bureau is here looking for him.  I need you to find him first.”
     Younger rapped his fingers against the table.  “It’ll be a hundred for this one.”
     Zednik smiled.  The girl was worth half a million to him.  He could afford to pay a hundred thousand for her return and the death of Sullivan.  “I agree to that price,” he said.  “You know how to get in touch with me.”
     “Yes,” said Younger.  He stood and turned to leave.
     “Oh, Mr. Younger,” said Zednik.  “Be careful with this one.”
     “I’m always careful, Mr. Zednik.”  Younger left the table, shoving the picture of Sullivan into his pocket as he went.

Read more in Sullivan's War: Book I - All Good Men Serve the Devil, available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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