Friday, December 9, 2011

Coming Soon: Sullivan's War

In about a week's time I will be releasing the prologue to a series called Sullivan's War. Sergeant Riley's Account will introduce the planet of Edaline and provide some back story for the following trilogy of books. Those books will follow Rick Sullivan as he battles to free his home planet from tyranny. Below are the prospective covers and titles for each book in the series. I'd love to know what you think!


Edit: I have now standardized the font on all the covers to reinforce the fact that they are part of a series. I think they now look much stronger as a whole.



  1. Very impressive. I just wonder if maybe you should keep the same typeface for your name as a brand-building ploy? Only a thought - I'm no expert!

  2. I've thought about that, Steph. Especially because I think the font for Edaline's Dawn looks a little weak. Do you like the Sgt. Riley's/All Good Men font or the City Without Walls font?