Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Free Stories for Newsletter Subscribers!

As I mentioned in my post about the release of Sullivan's Fire, beginning in 2017, I will be offering free, exclusive stories to my newsletter subscribers.

If you're reluctant about subscribing, please know that I won't be spamming you with weekly announcements. I use my newsletter only to inform readers about new releases and select special offers. And, now, to send you links where you can download free ebook copies of these new, exclusive stories. I hope to send out at least one per quarter.

Some of these stories may never see wider release. Some may eventually see publication, but that wouldn't be for awhile. For now, you'll only be able to get them by signing up. Why not give it a try?

Sign up here:

Note: If you've signed up previously, please do so again. My signup form was apparently not working properly, and not all subscribers were added to the list. Thanks!

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