Sunday, December 13, 2015

New Release: Provocation

Hello, all! I have released a new novel called Provocation. It is a paranormal werewolf novel, so a bit of a departure from my usual science fiction/adventure fare, but I've been working on it for quite a while now and am very pleased with how it's turned out. You can get it at a special price of 99¢ through Thursday, December 17 at the links below. And keep reading for a bit about the development of the novel!

Provocation - 99¢ Through Dec. 17:

Some men should never be provoked….

Following a vicious attack by a legendary creature, Graham Morgan’s life is forever changed. After a year of struggling with his transformations during the full moon, he is determined to get his affliction under control so he can safely marry the woman he loves. But not everyone knows Graham’s secret, and one friend’s attempt to sabotage his relationship might instead unleash the monster within.


Even though I'm mainly a science fiction writer, I've always enjoyed reading stories about the paranormal. As a kid I devoured those books of ghost stories and the hardcover books purporting to tell of strange and unusual happenings. Ghosts, Bigfoot, aliens, demons... I loved all that stuff.

Oddly, I never had any experience with the classic Universal horror films until an adult. I always knew about them, but somehow had never seen them. But since discovering them, I have come to love them as well, and my favorite Universal monster is Larry Talbot, the Wolf Man. I suppose what drew me to the character was the fact that he was a generally decent guy who was compelled, through his curse, to do things he did not want to do. Throughout all his appearances in the Universal films, he retains his humanity and seeks only to put an end to his condition, one way or the other.

This character influenced the development of Provocation, but in an unexpected way. I began to wonder what would happen if I started with someone who was a horrible person. How would he react to becoming a werewolf? This horrible person became Graham Morgan, the main character of the book. Throughout the novel I toy with the idea of the external beast replacing the internal beast. It considers the possibility that being bitten might in fact have been the best thing to happen to Graham, all other complications notwithstanding. Becoming a monster might actually make him a better man.

This has yielded a dialogue-heavy, character-driven book, and I think that by the time you reach the ending, the time spent getting to know these characters and watching them develop will make it worthwhile. If you've read my previous work, you know I am generally a relatively tight writer, and I don't like padding a story for the sake of word count. In Provocation, even though there is less action than in my other books, I think that following the initial events during which Graham is bitten, the novel builds in tension and suspense up until the climax. That was my intent, at any rate. I hope I was able to accomplish that to your satisfaction.

I am proud of this novel, and I struggled with it for almost two years, but I feel the effort has been worthwhile. I hope you enjoy it! As always, reviews are greatly appreciated. And special thanks must go to Alexia Purdy, who read through two drafts for me, offering invaluable advice, and also designed the striking cover!

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