Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Top 3 Twitter Tricks to Annoy People Into Buying Your Book

Twitter. It's amazing how much one can fit into 140 characters, but are you using those characters correctly? No one will buy your book unless they're forcefully instructed to do so. Yes, it's true, by annoying other Twitter users, you will see an increase in sales, follows and RTs. For those of you who haven't quite figured out how to maximize your ability to piss people off, here are 3 simple tricks that you can start using today! (Note: these tips are for authors, but with a little creativity, anyone with something to sell can take advantage of these ideas!)

1. Send spammy Tweets directly to other Twitter users!

It's easy to Tweet about your book and hope others who follow you and are interested in that book will check it out, but unless you're Tweeting about your book twenty or thirty times an hour (that one's free!) then you're not maximizing your potential to be a pain in the ass! What you have to do instead is send Tweets about your book directly to other Twitter accounts. This way you know people will see your Tweets, because it'll show up right in their notifications along with relevant communications from their friends. But don't stop at just one or ten. Send out a stream of hundreds of such Tweets to different Twitter users. It doesn't even matter if they follow you or you follow them! Send them your spammy Tweets anyway! In fact, this is better, because if they followed you already, they'd have already known about and bought your book.

2. Set up an auto-DM to tell people about your book when they follow you.

This is even better than Tip 1 because since they followed you, of course they want to buy your book. Sending out an auto-DM pretty much assures an instant book sale. Think about it: if 20 people follow you in one day, you'll sell 20 books! Ca-Ching!

3. Demand that others RT you/follow you back.

Getting people to follow you is hard. If you've been stuck at 2001 follows for several months, it might be time to start being a bit more forceful. Sending something like "I just followed you. Follow me back!" helps make sure others will follow you, care about your book and buy it. Another good trick is to tell people that you'll RT them if they RT you. This can be combined with Tip 1 if you have enough characters left. After all, who wouldn't jump at the chance to get someone with 150 followers RTing them? Those 150 people have already bought your book, of course, so now you can get your social media empire working for others! It's just the generous thing to do.

Remember: no one will buy your book unless you annoy them about it. Start using these three tricks today, and you'll be guaranteed to exponentially boost your sales overnight!

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