Wednesday, March 6, 2013

CHRYSOPTERON: Only 99¢ Until the End of March

Hello, all! For the rest of the month, I've decided to put my novel Chrysopteron on sale for just 99 cents (or your country's equivalent thereof). It's received great reviews so far, and I personally think it's the best thing I've written to date. Despite that, sales have been a little slow, and I really want you all to have a chance to read it.

Chrysopteron is available at all Amazon Kindle stores as well as Barnes & Noble's Nook store (See links below).

Praise for Chrysopteron

"A masterpiece." - 5-Star Review

"Chrysopteron is a 'golden-winged' gem of a novel and one that cements worlds imagined into the conscious dream of worlds yet seen." - 5-Star Review

"This tale is woven expertly, filled with intrigue, suspense, and grips onto you to the very end. If you have not read any of this author's work, you are missing out! This is a definite must read."

"The scenes are vivid, and Michael K. Rose has a keen sense of pacing. He knows just when to do a quick cut to the next scene to keep the story moving quickly. This is very, very well-written."

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