Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Interview: SB Knight, Author of The Blood Chronicles

Today I have an interview with SB Knight, author of The Blood Chronicles trilogy. Book II, Drago’s Revenge, is the next step as he continues to pursue his passion for writing novels that deliver both thrills and chills. His desire is to improve the craft he loves with each novel he writes. He strives to deliver fresh, new ideas and stories in the Dark Fantasy genre. Currently he is writing the third novel of The Blood Chronicles.


Michael K. Rose: Tell us a bit about The Blood Chronicles.

SB Knight: The Blood Chronicles is a series of three books (Born of Blood is Book I and Drago’s Revenge is Book II) chronicling the life of a family as they struggle to survive. Pursuing them is the apex predator. He is determined to achieve his ultimate goal…permanent immortality. What hunts them is a vampire and he will destroy anything in his path to obtain what he wants. Why is this vampire hunting this family to extinction? They hold the key to all his desires.

MKR: How did you come up with the idea for the series?

SBK: I’m a fan of vampires, first and foremost, and knew I wanted to write a vampire novel at some time. I was watching a show on the History channel about Elizabeth Bathory (the blood countess) and a detail about her life grabbed my attention. I wrote it down and started to make notes to support it. I also asked a lot of ‘what if’ questions. What if a vampire was harder to kill? What if a vampire was not immortal unless certain actions were accomplished? What if a real historical figure and event actually dictated the birth of this apex monster?

MKR: Do you write in any genres besides horror?

SBK: Does Dark Fantasy count? If not, no, Dark Fantasy and Horror are where my muse dwells at the moment and for the foreseeable future. I have a number of novels planned in the genre. Actually, I believe my next novel will be a werewolf story.

MKR: Which writers have influenced you?

SBK: There are so many. First to mind are Tolkien, Brooks, Fiest, and Jordan. I love getting swept into their novels. King inspired me for his insight into writing and his passion for writing. Finally, Hitchcock for his method of building suspense and his outlook on what really chills a reader.

MKR: Book II, Drago's Revenge, will be out at the end of this month. When do you hope to release the final book in the trilogy?

SBK: Let me think, I have a separate novel releasing in March of 2013 and my hope is to have the third novel released in June of 2013. I am currently writing it now.


About Drago's Revenge:

The birth of a child is a time for joy and celebration. For Sam and Reba, it is a time for concern and worry. Concern for what could be and worry for what lurks in the shadows. They both know Reba’s baby, Christian, is special. But Drago waits in the darkness, and he also knows how special the child is. He knows what the child’s birth means. Now Drago stalks them, waiting for his moment to strike and claim Christian for his own evil purposes. As he unleashes his sinister plan, Sam and Reba fight to survive and keep their newborn out of his clutches.

Chased by a group of would-be vampires manipulated by Drago, Sam and Reba are forced to abandon their home and find sanctuary in once-forgotten locations. But they are not alone in this fight as family and friends arrive. Will it be enough?

Life will be lost, blood will be spilled, painful memories, and emotions will torment minds…all part of Drago’s revenge.

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When not writing, SB Knight enjoys spending time with his family and being outdoors. During a normal week he can be found on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and his blog. Easily approached, SB Knight enjoys chatting with readers and fans alike. Information about SB Knight, his books, and upcoming projects can be found at    

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